My Unique Approach

As is evident from my many client reviews, I am extremely dedicated to working to get the best possible outcomes for my clients.  I am extremely aggressive and persistent towards that goal.  While some cases do end up having to go to trial, I strongly believe that if my client has a good case I should do everything possible to gather the evidence and try to convince the prosecutor and the judge of that first before subjecting my clients to the stress, risk and financial costs of going to trial.  I have repeatedly gotten excellent results for my clients by taking this approach.  For example, I represented a defendant in Santa Clara County that was in custody facing 25 to life for shooting someone twice during an altercation.  After extensively working up the case, I was able to convince the prosecutor that my client while acting in self-defense accidentally shot the “victim” twice and the case got dismissed without my client ever having to go to trial.  In another example, I took over a child molestation case in San Mateo County from another defense attorney that was trying to convince the accused to take a plea deal.  I was convinced the client was innocent and was finally able to convince the District Attorney that the “victim” was lying to get money from my client.  Again, the prosecutor dismissed the case without my client having to take the risk of going to trial.  I handled a large cross county multi drug and gun case in Yolo County in which the District Attorney insisted on a 9 year prison sentence.  After two years of working the case, we worked out a plea bargain where my client got one year house arrest.  He never even had to spend one day in jail.  

Another approach I often take is to represent people pre-prosecution or before a case is actually filed by the District Attorney. On numerous occasions I have been able to work up the case and convince the District Attorney to not file charges.  I have done this successfully many times in both minor and serious cases. 

Sometimes it is necessary to go to trial.  I have been doing criminal trials since 1990 and have achieved excellent results.  As a Deputy District Attorney I won every jury trial I handled.  As a defense attorney, I recently (February 2014), tried a DUI with a .125% blood test and got an 11 to 1 and 9 to 3 jury verdict in our favor.