Dated: 6/10/14 (Rated 5 Stars on Yelp)

Marcia went above and beyond anything I expected of her during a drawn out and painful defense process. I had to defend what I considered a ridiculous restraining order from a former room mate. She walked me through the process and help protect me from an angry person bent on hurting me through the legal system. We were successful and had a few laughs along the way. I highly recommend Marcia for any defense work.



Dated: 06/18/14 (Rated 5 Stars on Yelp)

Marcia Silver is one of the best at her job. Even that doesn't accurately describe the service you will receive if you call on her for help. Not only did she prevent me from serving serious jail time, she was very helpful during the entire process. She was always very clear with what she can and can not do. She laid out all the possible options in terms that I could understand without ever treating me like I committed some horrendous crime (the opposing party definitely felt like I did). She is very well educated, has clear knowledge of what occurs in court and prepares you for everything. She takes her time to thoroughly review your case and really listens to your situation with an unbiased approach. She created a low stress environment and somehow exceeded all expectations I had going into court. Even after all was said and done, she went above and beyond to make sure that everything occurred the way it was originally agreed upon. I would highly, highly recommend Marcia to anyone looking for legal advice. She will help you as if you were her own child, I don't have any other way of describing her service.


Andrew J. 

Dated: 5/7/14 (Rated 5 Stars on Yelp)

I met Marcia Silver during a very stressful time in my life , I had just been arrested at work, was given 660k bail and no other options, she walked us thru the process, worked with the courts to get my bail down to something I could afford, so I could get back to work and hold my job. She looked thru the police reports, researched the charges and their penalties and worked with me to achieve a plea that I was totally happy with. She understood the situation I was in and even allowed me to pay half down and half at sentencing. I would highly recommend her services to anybody seeking legal advise small or big.


Melanie G.

Dated: 10/2/13 (Rated 5 Stars on Yelp)

Marcia is a miracle worker!!  Not only did she get me better results than expected but she was incredibly attentive to me in the process, being sure to check in with me every step of the way with an understanding of the amount of stress and worry I had.  She is a knowledgeable professional who is detailed, determined, assertive and honest, making sure to be clear about what she can and cannot do and what to expect.  She took a devastating and frightening experience and turned it into something I can work with, a learning experience I can grow from.    

Marcia was highly recommended to me by 2 people and now I can say I highly recommend her too.  Worth every penny, stick with her and you're in good hands...her record speaks for itself.


Austin r.

Dated: 4/12/10 (Rated 5 Stars on Yelp)

I retained Attorney Marcia Silver for representation in a misdemeanor defense. I would recommend her for everyone looking to get the best possible outcome for their case. I have never been more satisfied with legal representation than I am with the work Marcia Silver  did for me. She worked day and night to help me resolve my case and take the worry off my shoulders. Any time you need an attorney is a stressful one and you need representation that will help you through it, Marcia Silver helped me get through my stressful time with a good record and minimal stress and I would recommend her law firm to everyone.


Diana P.

Dated: 10/13/10 (Rated 5 Stars on Yelp)

Marcia has been dealing with my case for almost a year now and it finally go resolved. She was highly recommended from a friend of mine and was told she does wonders. And from my personal experience, I can say that her end results are amazing.

I have to be honest tho, I was a little skeptical when I first hired her and was wondering if I made the right decision. But, during the process of my case, she was professional about her work and was honest the whole way about what she can or cannot do for me. She does her research and consult with other colleague to seek what would be the best option for me in my case. She also consulted with me before she made any decision on my case. I hate people that think they knows whats best for me and does things without my permission. In my case, I did not have that problem with Marcia. She laid it down and let me know exactly what is need and is going to happen.

Basically, you just have to trust her and trust that you are in good hands because she is good at what she does. I feel that it is all worth it towards the end. I am satisfy with the results and I would truly recommend Marcia as your Criminal Attorney.


David L.

Dated: 11/16/09 (Rated 5 Stars on Yelp)

Marcia is great at what she does. She is the constant professional and always handles her work with great passion. I have known her for 5 years now and I would recommend her to anyone that I know who needed an attorney. Marcia has all the great tools to make any case you might have easier on you. I know her to be a great listener, problem solver, and compassionate towards your problem. I can't imagine where I would be if I had gone with another lawyer. Marcia helped fix my life and encouraged me to move on. After working with Marcia, she helped me finish college, establish a firm foundation and give me a wake up call that changed my life.

I had gotten into a bit of  trouble and I didn't know where to turn but I was lucky that my brother found her to represent me. I was facing harsh punishment and Marcia was able to get me to better myself so I would look presentable in court and convince the judge that I would never get in trouble again. Marcia was able to do wonders and I believe the end result couldn't have been better. She helped put me in a situation where I could put my troubles behind me and move on.

Marcia is one of the kindest, honest, most caring people I know. She treated me as if I were a relative of hers. She genuinely cared about my situation and wanted the best for me. She will always call you back and respond back to all her messages promptly. She always calls to check up and touch base. She has great communication skills. She will never give you the run around.

If you are looking for great representation, I highly recommend Marcia. She is a great lawyer and knows what she is doing and she will provide you with great counsel to help ease your mind. Hiring Marcia was the best decision I have ever made. I am sure she will do as great of a job for whoever who hires her. I don't go out of my way to recommend anyone but I would gladly recommend Marcia to anyone who was looking for a lawyer.
Marcia Silver is a must hire.


Alla B.

Dated 1/11/10 (Rated 5 Stars on Yelp)

Marcia turned what could have been a terrible situation into a much better one.  Her dedication is beyond any expectations, and the amount of enthusiasm that she puts into a case is absolutely unbelievable.  She takes each case personally, is always within reach, and returns phone calls even when she has taken a much deserved time off!

You immediately know that she truly cares, and you can rely on her to be honest and professional to the “T."


Leo B.

Dated: 12/13/12 (Rated 5 Stars on Yelp)

Marcia Silver is a life saver and in my opinion one of the best Lawyers around these parts. She has gotten me out of ridiculous situations with the best results i could hope for. She makes me feel like family and not just another customer. If you have a problem with the law (which can be unfair and unjust) then do yourself a favor and get Marcia to represent you. You will thank yourself (and her) in the end!!


Alex G.

Dated: 11/8/12 (Rated 5 Stars on Yelp)

Marcia is a professional. I hired her in 2008. She was very dependable. She did her job very well and I was happy with her work.


Julian A.

Dated: 10/18/12 (Rated 5 Stars on Yelp)

Marcia gets the job done.  I hired her for one case and throughout the entire process she was very helpful and always accessible/available.  Marcia is very detailed in her work and will provide you with any legal answers you inquire about.  

She is (by nature) a busy person but will respond to voicemails promptly and is cool about making appointments to talk to you at any stage of your case.  She is objective, understanding and serious about using her knowledge of the law to help you.  

Marcia is understanding, knowledgeable, professional, and will give you confidence throughout a difficult time.  I don't think anyone who needs to hire a lawyer is at the best spot in their life...but the results of good, hard, and organized work , which Marcia provides, definitely eases you along the way.  Plus she is kind and easy to talk with, a great choice if you need a lawyer.


Jesse M.

Dated: 4/1/10 (Rated 5 Stars on Yelp)

Marcia is the best!!!

I've hired a few lawyers in my day for all my legal troubles with varied results but the one thing they all had in common was that they were not terribly sincere when it came to caring about the client. Me. They sure acted like they cared but then as soon as they got paid it was a different story.

I hired Marcia based on a recomendation from a friend and went into the situation expcecting the same treatment i had received in the past, which was not the case.
Marcia connected with me immediatly and i could tell that she genuinly cared about my well being. She really put her heart into fighting my case. She was there for me the whole time, night or day and she will always return my calls promptly. She was even working with me at 11pm on a week night talking a SFPD seargent into cancelling a warrent that had been issued for my arrest. I couldnt believe it!

My case was handled extremely well and the end result was me not having to serve a prison sentence. Marcia saved me! I effin love her for that! She was amazing!

I strongly recomend her to anyone who is in need of legal aid. Marcia is a genuine, real person, not just another stuffed suit chasing the dollar. She saved me from a nightmare world of trouble and she can save you too!


Dmitriy P.

Dated: 11/25/09 (Rated 5 Stars on Yelp)

If you really got in trouble and need a Criminal Defence Attorney, you just found one! Marcia Silver is my choice! This is coming from the guy that really was in trouble with the LAW alot.  I was involved in  really bad case,thinking there would be no  justice for me.A good friend refered me to Marcia Silver. And by then I went  through  a lot of Attorneys around the Bay Area.She Was the one that took a great effort in representing my case right ,in allmost hopeless situation for me.Judge dismised it! I was free to go!!!
I woudn't be free to be writing this review right now,if it wasn't for Marcia. Marcia Silver Is A TRUE professional you want on your side!  She represented a lot of people I know,everypone thought she was the BEST!!! If desperate for I good lawer she will represent you right!


Daniel C.

Dated: 7/2/06 (Rated 4 Stars on Yelp)

A non-judgmental pro in defense of fair court hearings, Ms. Silver fights for the underdog. At points in our lives, we are hauled into court by brain-dead souls who are on a mindless rampage to vindicate a ruined reputation. She helped me in my libel / civil suit filed by an ex-roommate, and the commissioner's final judgement was acceptable! She does charge market rate, but she is worth it. I even wound up with a personal commendation by the court, which is more than I can say for the lying plaintiff.